Renewal & Mortgage Transfers

If your mortgage is nearing expiration, don't simply let your bank roll it over. There may be a better deal out there. The Toronto mortgage agents at World Class Mortgages want to work with you and help you find a better mortgage. Most banks want you to simply renew through them. The problem with renewing through the same bank is that they normally offer only their standard “book” price, without a discount. Banks get by with this approach because people are often too busy to look for a better deal, or they assume that transferring a renewal is a complex process.

However, it is easier than you might think to find a great deal. Simply let one of the expert mortgage brokers help you with the process. Instead of becoming one of the 60% of people that simply sign and return the renewal, let our agents help find you a competitive rate with little to no effort on your part.

The amount you can save is well worth a few moments of your time to sit down with us and talk about your needs. By choosing to work with us you have access to some of the best rates offered by many institutions. When you choose World Class Mortgages, you can rest assured your financial future is in excellent hands. Our agents are educated and experienced in handling these types of transfers. Additionally, if you are not up for renewal, but still want to look at what's out there, consider letting one of our refinancing experts see what they can do for you.

There's never a need to feel stuck with your bank mortgage. Contact us and get ready to find out what other options are available for you, no matter how big or small your current mortgage.