Why Use A Mortgage Broker

When you are ready to buy a new home, purchase commercial property, refinance, or transfer a current mortgage, you may dread the hassle of dealing with the banks and other lenders. Therefore, you need someone on your side. That's where a Toronto mortgage agent comes into play, to serve as your adviser and advocate. World Class Mortgages is a full-service mortgage company that is poised to handle your mortgage needs. You may wonder, “why choose a broker, anyhow?” The answer is simple. The mortgage brokers at World Class Mortgages can get you a better deal than the banks.


The agents that work with World Class Mortgages have knowledge that astounds. Not only are they educated on current mortgage rules and regulations, our agents have varied backgrounds that help them provide the best possible service. Our agents have knowledge of current financial patterns, accounting, tax laws, real estate and other important areas that help them provide well-rounded advice. If there is something we do not know, we won't rest until we find you the answer you need. Working without a broker leaves you seriously lacking in the knowledge department.



You don't want to deal with the lenders alone, our brokers has dealt with nearly every scenario imaginable. World Class Mortgages was established in 2001, so we have seen many changes in the mortgage market. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience, working with customers just like you. We have handled mortgages as small as a few hundred thousand dollars, up to properties worth millions. Our experience means that there are very few scenarios with which we are unfamiliar. If you have a question or concern, one of the team members will have a solution. You can feel confident trusting your mortgage with our team of trained experts.



Working with a broker means that you can often get the best possible deal on your new mortgage or any of our services because we have relationships with dozens of lenders. This means that we can find you the best possible deals on your mortgage or high ratio mortgage insurance. There is no need in paying more money than necessary, and if you do not have a broker, the banks will try their hardest to get you in a higher interest rate loan.



Choosing a broker to help you with the mortgage process just makes sense from a convenience and financial standpoint. Dealing with the hassles alone is time consuming and very stressful. By choosing to use a broker, you are shielded from much of the headaches of the process. World Class Mortgages provides full service mortgage assistance. From small home loans to refinances and transfers, we are there for you every step of the way. The convenience of handling all your mortgage business with one company, while retaining the confidence that you are getting a great deal, sets us apart from other companies. Your time is valuable, and our agents will treat it as such.